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Meet the Texas TA Truck Service Challenge Winner: Eric Burgoyne

While the thought of maneuvering a 40,000-pound hauler around an obstacle course sounds intimidating, Eric Burgoyne of Champion Tire and Wheel did so with ease at the Texas Motor Speedway on April 5.

Congratulations to Eric, as he won the second TA Truck Service Challenge of the year.  Winning this challenge meant a lot to Burgoyne and his Champion Tire & Wheel team.

“Those NASCAR transport drivers are the best there is, I still can’t believe I won!” said Burgoyne. “The fact that they even include us in the competition means a lot to me personally. They are a great group of guys and I am proud to represent them.”

While Burgoyne doesn’t represent a specific race car, he does represent the team that is responsible for taking care of any tire or wheel needs for the NASCAR and Craftsman Truck Series teams at each race.

“We set up the equipment and make sure the teams have what they need come race time,” he said.

The Harrisburg, Virginia native let us in on his approach to winning, which has also helped him in a previous Challenge.

“I have a strategy that helped me win once before, and I use that now,” he said. “I look at the whole season, but if I do well at each and every event the season will take care of itself.”

Burgoyne has been a professional truck driver for 18 years. Before driving the Champion Tire & Wheel NASCAR hauler, he spent his time driving as an owner/operator.  For Burgoyne, one of the benefits of being a professional driver is that you get to travel all over the country.

“I love to drive, so driving all over the United States is rewarding,” he said.

When Burgoyne isn’t on the road, he is at home enjoying time with his wife, daughter and three sons.

“My family means everything to me,” he said. “My oldest son is in the military; he is a Marine and I am so proud of him. We love to just hang out or ride motorcycles together.”

Winning this Challenge event was very special for Burgoyne, but his winnings will benefit more than just him. He said he will be using his prize money on his family during their cruise vacation in a few weeks. Talk about good timing!  

If you didn’t get a chance to see us in Texas, we’ll be at the Sonoma Raceway in June for the next Challenge event. You can also keep up with the current standings on our website.

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