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Meet the Atlanta TA Truck Service Challenge Winner: Brendan Greene

Congratulations to Brendan Greene, also known as Slim, of Joe Gibbs Racing, who won the TA Truck Service Challenge at the Atlanta Motor Speedway on Feb. 22.

The TA Truck Service Challenge is where the race weekend starts for NASCAR transport haulers. The Challenge gives professional truck drivers associated with NASCAR a chance to be recognized for their knowledge, skills and hard work.

While the main responsibility of these drivers is to ensure their race cars get to the track on time, they also take care of many other jobs behind the scenes. Greene let us in on what he helps his team with when he’s not driving their hauler.  

“We unload the trucks on Thursday. We help out in the garage during practice, doing a lot of miscellaneous things, changing tires, we cook brisket,” he said. “We do the cleaning and the drinks. We get all of the oil out for the engines and the transmission. We service our generators and give our truck a once over. That way if there’s anything wrong we’ve got time to fix it.”

Greene has been a professional truck driver for 11 years. His favorite part about being a professional driver is the comradery between him and his fellow drivers on the road, in addition to enjoying the drive itself.

“It gives me time to clear my mind and do my own thing,” Greene said. “Once you’re on the road, you’re on your own.”

The professional driver from Midland, North Carolina has a wife and two daughters, and the Challenge in Atlanta just happened to take place on his daughter’s birthday.

“My wife didn’t want me to leave and drive to Atlanta because it was my daughter’s fourth birthday,” he said. “I told her I really wanted to go and try to get a good run so I could win the challenge this year. She said, ‘Well then, go ahead and go. But you better win.’”

It was an exciting day for the whole Greene family, as Brendan won the Challenge in Atlanta and still made it home to celebrate his daughter’s birthday. As for the prize money, he has big plans to please his daughters by building a playhouse for them.

Brendan Greene had a great run in Atlanta and he doesn’t plan on stopping there. Greene says he plans on competing in and winning all of the remaining challenges, so his competitors better watch out.

If you missed us in Atlanta, we’ll be at the Texas Motor Speedway on April 5 for the O’Reilly Auto Parts 500. If you won’t be there for the Challenge, you can catch us in the Fan Zone from Friday to Sunday.

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