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Jamie Price of Joe Gibbs Racing Brings Home Yearly Challenge Win

Joe Gibbs Racing hauler driver Jamie Price wins TA Truck Service Challenge.

As the 2019 TA Truck Service Challenge season came to a close, veteran hauler driver Jamie Price snuck in a win at the Charlotte International Speedway on Sept. 26, 2019. Price is the driver of Kyle Busch’s No. 18 hauler for Joe Gibbs Racing, and Brendan Greene’s co-driver.

Price has been with the Joe Gibbs Racing team since 2011, winning at least one Challenge event each season since the competition began. This year was no different, as Price closed the season with a last minute win in Charlotte, thanks to his course time and a perfect test score.

The Charlotte obstacle course was a nail biter, with Price and two-time Kentucky Challenge winner, Josh Collins, tying on their obstacle course scores. Price’s quick time on the course was what ultimately put him ahead of Collins in order to clinch the victory.

In the past, Price would watch the other competitors complete the obstacle course, but in Charlotte he decided to take a different approach.

“I used to watch everybody do the event, so I wanted to come when everyone was gone,” Price said. “It messes me up when I see other guys make the run.”

The obstacle courses this year proved to be more difficult than in past seasons, but Price was up for the Challenge nonetheless.

“The courses have been very challenging this year,” he said. “I have to think how to set myself up for the next obstacle before I’ve finished with the one I’m still on. Lots of thought goes into the runs now and that’s good!”

With his yearly win under his belt, he plans to put his winnings right in the bank for safe keeping. Congratulations again, Jamie!

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