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NASTC's 1st Annual Grand O Trucking Show CD

The 1st Annual Grand O’ Trucking Show Compilation CD is now available! Recorded live in Nashville, Tennessee with special guests, Dan Baker and Bill Turner, the Grand O’ Trucking Show contains 17 perfect tracks for the road. Look for a $2 off coupon for this CD at the UltraONE Kiosk. For every CD sold, an extra $2 will be donated to the St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund.

Truck-driving Country has been the perfect soundtrack for long distance driving since the 1970s. Back then songs like “East Bound and Down” by Jerry Reed and “Convoy” by C.W. McCall spread the word of the trucker. Nowadays artists like Joey Holiday, Tony Justice, and Harold Crosby keep you going.

David Owen, President of NASTC started a “Writers Night” at his local restaurant about six month ago. He was amazed at the talent in both material and performance each week. He then challenged five regulars of his “Writers Night” to write trucking songs with the idea of having them perform these original songs, along with some of their favorites, at the annual Drivers of the Year banquet. After established trucking entertainers, Lindsay Lawler and Dan Baker joined the bill, David decided to record the entire live show for all to hear!     

With 15 original songs, and two poignant recitations by Dan Baker, they created an album every professional driver in America would love!

  1. Tucker Man – Poem by Dan Baker
  2. Be Your Man – Aaron Bozwell
  3. World’s Delivery Man – Aaron Bozwell
  4. I’m Rolling – Aaron Bozwell
  5. Boy What A Girl, Man What A Women – Hawkshaw Hawkins, Jr.
  6. Texas via Nashville – Hawkshaw Hawkins, Jr.
  7. That’s All It Takes – Lee Wiley
  8. We Ride – Lee Wiley
  9. He Loves The Road – Lindsay Lawler
  10. I Drive – Lindsay Lawler
  11. Honk - Troy Martin
  12. Baby’s Gotten Good At Goodbye – Troy Martin
  13. Interstate – Craig J. Martin
  14. White Collar Blues – Craig J. Martin
  15. Truck Driver Angels – Aaron Bozwell
  16. Daddy’s Just A Truck Driver – Poem by Dan Baker
  17. Another Trucker Makes It Home – Hawkshaw Hawkins, Jr.
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