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Introducing Sandra Says: Seasonal Preventive Maintenance Tips

When it comes to roadside assistance, RoadSquad is there if you break down. And while RoadSquad provides fast, responsive roadside service from highly trained professionals, our Sandra Says video series offers preventive measures that you can take to avoid future breakdowns and unnecessary repair costs.

The voice behind Sandra Says is none other than the real-life Vice President of RoadSquad, Sandra Sanford. Sandra oversees RoadSquad’s day-to-day operations and customer service teams at the national call center in Westlake, Ohio.

The department is chock full of experience in the truck repair industry. In addition to Sandra’s 14 years in the industry, she has also served on the Women in Trucking Scholarship Foundation board for four years.

Wondering what you can learn from Sandra and her roadside assistance experts? For starters, she’s sharing some winter maintenance tips. Think you know the answer to this question?

When it’s extremely cold outside your truck engine can sound like it is struggling to turn over and crank. Why is this?

a. My fuel is gelling
b. Engine computer needs calibration
c. Corroded connection
d. Battery cable broken at the starter

Sandra knows. See if your guess was right when you watch the video below. Be on the lookout for more of Sandra’s seasonal tips on social media and the truck service menu boards at all of our sites.

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