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Enhancements to UltraONE Loyalty Program

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Since the release of the updated UltraONE program, we have received a lot of feedback from UltraONE members—much of it positive. Positive feedback came in for Gears and the ability to earn up to 4x points, as well as the flexibility to use UltraCredits for meals and parking, in addition to showers. There has been a lot of feedback on what can be done to make the program even better. Based on your feedback and our continued analysis of the program, we are addressing a few areas to improve your experience.

The most significant change is earning of UltraCredits. Now, UltraCredits are earned in a calendar day, not a 24-hour period. So if you fuel up on Monday evening and again Tuesday afternoon, you’ll get UltraCredits for both qualifying transactions. We are also changing the points cap to 15,000 UltraONE points earned per month, up from 10,000. This change will help will maximize every gallon in Max Gear.

We appreciate your feedback and have made these enhancements to better serve your needs . We look forward to continuing to reward you for your loyalty for years to come. Below are some questions and answers addressing the newest changes to the program.

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FAQ updates:
Q: Do UltraONE points expire?
A: Yes, UltraONE points expire if a member does not use his or her card within a six (6) month period. UltraONE points for active member accounts expire and begin to roll of the account after 24-months.

Q: How many UltraONE points can I earn?
A : We have raised the limit from 10,000 to 15,000 UltraONE points that can be earned per month for diesel and DEF purchases. Members can still earn unlimited points on TA Truck Service purchases. There is no limit to the number of UltraONE points that can be redeemed per day.

Q: How many UltraCredits can I earn and use per day?
A: Standard members can earn one (1) UltraCredit per day and Platinum members can now earn two (2) UltraCredits per day, as a part of their status. All members can redeem up to two (2) UltraCredits per day.

Q: Can UltraONE members use UltraONE points or UltraCredits to pay for parking?
A: Yes! One of the biggest advantages of the new program is the flexibility in redeeming UltraCredits. Gear 4 and MAX Gear members can use UltraCredits for reserved parking, showers or towards a meal. UltraONE points can be used by all members to pay for reserved parking, showers or towards a meal.

Q: What are the benefits of being a Platinum member?
A: The new UltraONE program was designed to reward our most loyal customers. Platinum members can now earn two (2) UltraCredits per day. UltraCredits will expire on a rolling 10-day schedule. Platinum members also receive a free birthday meal, free beverage with a 75-gallon diesel purchase, free check cashing and fax service, and 2x points for every $1 spent on qualifying TA Truck Service.

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