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Meet the 2018 Citizen Driver Honorees: Ingrid R. Brown

In 2013, TA-Petro launched the Citizen Driver Program to honor exceptional drivers who demonstrate values of citizenship, community involvement, health and wellness, leadership and safety. To date, 31 Citizen Driver Honorees have been recognized as the best drivers on the road. 

She may be known as “Half Pint” to fellow drivers because of her small stature, but anyone who has met Ingrid Brown knows that her impact on the trucking industry is anything but small. Ingrid has proven that she is more than worthy of holding the Citizen Driver title through her dedication to safety on the road, her willingness to give back to those in need and her support for women in the industry.

Between belonging to a family that owns a large road construction company and her affinity for operating heavy machinery, it didn’t take long for Ingrid to realize this industry was the perfect fit for her. When her dad bought her a truck for her 18th birthday her career started rolling and she’s been dedicated to making her mark in this male-dominated industry ever since.

As an independent owner-operator and sole proprietor of her own company, Rollin’ B LLC, she has hauled everything from produce to livestock and handles anything that’s thrown her way with grace and confidence. 

Ingrid is fiercely loyal to the trucking industry and a proud advocate for safe driving, earning four million accident-free miles in her 38-year career as a professional driver. In 2016, she was chosen along with 76 other truck and bus drivers for the first annual Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Safe Driver poster, which is displayed in Washington, D.C.

Additionally, Ingrid was selected as one of seven drivers for the 2015 NASTC America’s Safe Drivers team, 2015 NASTC Woman Driver of the Year, Mobil Delvac driver of the month in May 2011 and won the 2012 Midnight Trucking Radio WBAP Million Mile+ driving award.

Ingrid was also the only owner-operator of five women who were selected for the first Women in Trucking (WIT) Image Team in 2015 and was later re-elected in 2016 and 2017. Ingrid has also won WIT Safe Driving awards from 2010 through 2017 and was a member of the WIT Advisory Team from 2010 through 2013. Not only do these awards display Ingrid’s commitment to safe driving, but they show her extraordinary support for other women in the industry.

Ingrid’s passion for supporting women in the trucking industry and giving back to her community doesn’t stop there. She was a WIT charter member in 2007 and has been a WIT mentor since 2010, helping foster personal and professional growth and development to other women drivers.

Being a leader in her community is second nature for Ingrid; she is a Board and Lifetime Member of the Pure Country Livestock Association (PCLA), an organization made up of drivers who help relieve the financial burden on families who have lost a loved one in the trucking industry. In 2017 she was part of 11 fundraising benefits and helped raise over $100,000 dollars to help others in her industry.

Ingrid was also chosen for Big Rigs’ inaugural ‘Legendary’ video series in 2016, in addition to being selected as a certified engineer inspector with FEMA relief for those affected by Hurricane Irene and the east coast ice storm.

But Ingrid’s community involvement and long record of safety awards aren’t the only things that show off her experience as a passionate leader. In June of 2017 she was diagnosed with hereditary stage 2B Melanoma cancer. Despite this diagnosis and after just a few months of numerous biopsies and surgeries, Ingrid was back on the road and driving her truck, which she has dubbed Faith.

Ingrid’s accomplishments and distinguished record as a professional driver display her inherent leadership skills as well as her passion for the trucking profession. Whether she is faced with a livestock long-haul, a natural disaster or a cancer diagnosis, she adapts accordingly and faces every challenge head on and with her selfless spirit.

Do Ingrid’s achievements remind you of a driver you know? You can nominate them for our next group of Citizen Drivers. We will begin accepting nominations for the 2019 Citizen Driver honorees on June 1.  

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