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Meet the 2021 Citizen Driver Honorees: Dan "Dusty" Porter

If you’re one of the lucky people who has met Dan Porter throughout his 52-year driving career, it will likely come as no surprise that he is one of the 2021 Citizen Driver honorees. Dan’s positive attitude and impact on the industry are an inspiration to other drivers and the embodiment of this award. 

At the age of seven, Dan was introduced to trucking by his father, who was a local driver around the Toronto, Canada area. Dan would always try to join him, and by the age of 15, he landed his first job for an owner-operator making dairy deliveries to local convenient stores. He worked for Hyndman Transport for nearly 20 years until 2019, and currently drives for Werner Enterprises.

Throughout Dan’s life spent on the road, he has embraced and appreciated the beautiful sights that our country has shown him. Given the opportunity to see what so many others are unable to, Dan took up photography. What first started as a way for Dan to share his experiences on the road became his full-time passion. He quickly realized this talent and has been pursuing his passion for photography ever since.

Dan is well known at the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) and the Great American Trucking Show (GATS) for donating his photography services to different non-profit groups like Women in Trucking, Trucker Buddy International, St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund, Truckers Against Trafficking and more. Dan has also volunteered his photography services to the Special Olympics Truck Convoy, Convoy for a Cure, OOIDA and Trucking for a Cure.

In addition to his photography skills, Dan managed the Trucker Buddy Rodeo Challenge for six years at GATS, a bull riding event whose proceeds went to Trucker Buddy International.

Dan’s authentic approach to driving is what makes him a natural Citizen Driver—he treats people with respect, offers a helping hand whenever he can and always approaches work with a positive attitude. Many would say this is Dan’s attitude toward life in general. He cares deeply for others and leaves a lasting mark on everyone he meets.

“If you are having a down day, this man can put a smile back on your face,” Dan’s friend, William Ortman, said. “I’ve been with him walking through a parking lot when he stops to help a driver back into a spot, or help them with something on their truck, whatever it might be. You don’t have to ask Dan Porter for help, most of the time he is right there before you even knew you needed help.”

Not only is Dan mindful of the well-being of everyone around him, he’s also safety-conscious in his driving, with a pristine record of 3.8 million accident free miles.

“No matter what Dan is doing, he’s willing to help any driver who needs him,” Michael Robinson, Former Director of Safety at Hyndman Transport, said. “He takes this one step further by promoting drivers who go above and beyond within our industry. Dan recognizes the qualities professional drivers have and he helps make sure others know about their efforts.”

Whether he’s behind the wheel or behind the camera lens, Dan’s natural generosity and selflessness is abundant. The Citizen Driver title was created to celebrate and honor professional drivers like Dan Porter.

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