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The 8 Most Popular Thanksgiving Dishes

Every person would decide on a different favorite when it comes to the Thanksgiving spread, but there are a few essential dishes that are a must at every Thanksgiving. Although it differs from state to state, we did some research to find the 8 most popular dishes for Thanksgiving. 


8.) Green Bean Casserole

This salty and creamy dish will be a crowd favorite on Nov. 23.  Originating in the 1950’s by the Campbell Soup Company, its success at the table landed itself at number 8 on our list.


7.) Mac and Cheese

Although it is not popular in every state, mac and cheese is making its way onto the tables, into our hearts, and onto our list. This dish could be questionable because there isn’t a single person who makes their mac and cheese the same. A more accurate name for our mac and cheese should include the word homemade before.


6.) Rolls

Not much to say about the roll besides it is one of the more humble offerings on the table that you cannot go without. But, if you are truly feeling in the Thanksgiving mood, make sure you have a roll on your plate while the gravy boat is being passed around.  


5.) Cranberry Sauce

There are really two ways to eat cranberry sauce.  You can be served the classic canned cranberry sauce (ridge marks included), or you could make your own. Whichever way you do it, if cranberry sauce makes it to your plate, you are truly embracing the late fall season.


4.) Gravy

Are you thinking gravy isn’t a dish at Thanksgiving? Think again. Would Thanksgiving be Thanksgiving without gravy? The answer is no, which is why this came in at number 4.


3.) Stuffing

A popular item all over the United States. This dish embodies all fall flavors in full force containing sage, thyme and other quintessential spices. Why we don’t have stuffing during every other meal. We will never know.


2.) Mashed Potatoes

Just like mac and cheese, this can’t be made the same way twice. Infuse it with rosemary or load them with garlic. Use them to dip your turkey in before or after you “accidentally” drop the gravy boat on your plate.


1.) Turkey

Finally, the turkey. No description necessary.



(Bonus item)


For those few who saved room for dessert (or those many who will make room regardless of not being able to move), grab the whipped cream and smother your pumpkin pie in it to finish off another successful Thanksgiving. 


Stop into any participating Iron Skillet or Country Pride Restaurants on Nov. 23, 2017 to indulge in many of these top Thanksgiving dishes and forget the cleanup! We have oven roasted turkey, ham, dressing, homemade mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, vegetables, endless soup and salad bar as well as a piece of pumpkin pie for dessert!


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