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Meet Your StayFIT Days Expert Hope Zvara

Hope Zvara wants to help drivers move mindfully. For more than fifteen years, she has been a yoga instructor and life coach advocating simple, quick and effective tips to give people healthy solutions for life. With this in mind, she co-founded Mother Trucker Yoga® for the trucking industry. Mother Trucker Yoga is an is an app-based program providing simple 3-5-minute videos showing drivers how to move in any environment to improve health, mobility and well-being.

“My goal is to help fit fitness into drivers’ lives. We know that driving and the trucking lifestyle takes a toll on the body, and my goal is to help these men and women lower stress, improve sleep, remove pain and increase concentration to make their lives on and off the road safer and more fulfilling.”

Focusing on fitness designed specifically for the driver lifestyle, Hope works with fleets and owner-operators to help drivers maintain their DOT physicals while accessing better movement mechanics, focusing more attention on mental health and finding opportunities to help drivers live a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Hope not only co-founded Mother Trucker Yoga, she is also the CEO. She also founded Copper Tree Yoga Studio and the Mindful Movement Online Yoga Studio. Hope hosts her own podcast on Chrome and Steel Radio called A Daily Dose of Hope, and is a board member for the International Institute of Holistic Health Education.

Hope will be hosting StayFIT Days at TA and Petro locations across the country throughout the year. She’ll provide one-on-one health and wellness coaching, as well as to help drivers find the free fitness options, healthy food options and medical clinics on their route.

Click here to find where Hope will be and when.

StayFIT Days will help you go farther! Stop by to fuel up and stay to get fit.

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