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Meet Your StayFIT Days Expert Bob Perry

For more than 30 years, Bob Perry has been bringing wellness expertise to the driver community. He is the founder and president of Health in Transportation, an organization that offers an array of health and medical services to the trucking industry. Bob, known as The Trucker Trainer™, is devoted to health and fitness, and is dedicated to delivering professional drivers solutions for a healthy and fit lifestyle for where they work and live - on the road.

The trucking industry has been a part of Bob’s world since he was young. Bob started his career as a driver, and he is the son and brother of career drivers. For Bob, the health of drivers is personal.

“My dad was a driver for 50 years, and when he retired from trucking he got the full package of healthcare problems: sleep apnea, high blood sugar, high blood pressure. He had it all, and those things have a direct effect on your quality of life.”

In order to help other drivers avoid these same issues, Bob introduces new and healthy ways to live, exercise and eat while on the road, including co-creating the FIT System, the first in-cab exercise gym.

Bob has served as vice chair of the American Trucking Associations’ Safety Management Council’s Health & Wellness Working Group and chair of the American Trucking Associations’ Safety Management Council’s Health & Wellness Working Group. He is also a public member of the DOT’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Medical Review Board. He regularly speaks at healthcare conferences and has been national news outlets, including The New York Times, American Road Magazine and CBS news radio.

Bob will be hosting StayFIT Days at TA and Petro locations across the country throughout the year. He’ll provide one-on-one health and wellness coaching, as well as to help drivers find the free fitness options, healthy food options and medical clinics on their route.

Click here to find where Bob will be and when. 

StayFIT Days will help you go farther! Stop by to fuel up and stay to get fit.

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