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The Joy of Kinder Joy

Kinder is coming to America! A Kinder Joy is a unique experiential treat that creates bonding moments between parents and kids. It comes in a plastic egg-shaped container made of two separately sealed halves that you both will enjoy. One half contains a delicious treat made of two soft cream layers: one is sweet milk cream-flavored and one is cocoa-flavored. Within the creamy layers lie two round, chocolate-covered wafer bites that are filled with a soft, sweet cocoa cream. All of this can be enjoyed cleanly with the included Kinder spoon.

The other half of the egg contains a surprise: a non-edible toy for the kids. The traditional European version of the candy was called Kinder Surprise. This version hid a plastic toy inside the actual chocolate shell. Unfortunately for us, it has long been banned in the United States due to the potential health risk of biting and choking on non-edible items which stems back to a 1938 FDA regulation.

However, The Kinder Joy has been a staple of the European candy scene since the 1970’s. Now we get to enjoy the over 40 different toys for the children focused on edutainment, surprise, and engagement! The edutainment engages kids through toy assembly, imagination, and interaction. The surprise includes a new batch of toys that are developed every year. And the engagement extends the fun of playing through storytelling. Plus download the free Magic Kinder App for a new element and dimension of engagement. The toys include unique crayons, balls, racing cars, plus holiday and special licensed toys.

On one side, the high quality ingredients create a delicious taste you’ll love. On the other side, exciting toys take children on amazing adventures. Combined together, it creates a special bonding experience both will love.

Treat + Toy… Twice the joy!

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