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TA Truck Service Technicians Win at State Competitions

IMTA Diesel Technician Winners

Every day, TA Truck Service technicians show more expertise while working on trucks in the bays, providing roadside assistance during RoadSquad service calls and repairing trucks and trailers OnSITE at fleet lots and distribution centers, but once a summer they get a little extra notoriety for showing off their skills by competing at state diesel technician championships.

The competition is fierce, and the best technicians in the each state come out to show who has the most knowledge when it comes to truck repairs and maintenance through a written test and hands on station challenges. Even more important than bragging rights, these techs are vying for the opportunity to compete on the biggest stage of all, the TMCSuperTech national commercial vehicle technician championship, taking place in Orlando, Florida on Sept. 16-21.

As always our TA Truck Service technicians arrived ready to impress. Approximately 100 TA Truck Service technicians from nearly all of the 140 TA Truck Service facilities in the 17 states where these competitions were held participated in the events held in March through July.

Attendance and competition criteria vary by state, however, most events include a written test and a variety of hands on station challenges in specialties which can include drive train, wheel end, information systems, engine diagnostics, tire and wheel, fasteners, electrical, HVAC, brakes, chassis, DOT and PMI to name a few.

TA Truck Service champions

Ryan Jake Station Winner New Mexico

During the competitions, TA Truck Service technicians proved that they had more expertise with 10 technicians placing in the overall top three rankings for their respective states and by taking first place in 35 individual stations.

Special congratulations go out to William Andazola, who won grand champion at the New Mexico state competition and Joseph Anderson, who won grand champion at the Georgia state competition – a competition where a TA Truck Service technician has won grand champion for five consecutive years. They will be part of the team representing TA Truck Service at the national TMC competition this September.

Bo Logan, who won student grand champion at the IMTA Technician Championship in Indiana will also represent TA Truck Service in Orlando in the affiliated TMCFutureTech national student technician competition.

Georgia Diesel Technician Overall Winners

The remainder of the TA Truck Service TMCSuperTech team, which is made up of ASE Master Technicians, will include any TMCSuperTech station winner from the prior year’s competition and the top scoring technicians from the upcoming in house Top Tech Challenge competition, which will take place in Lodi, Ohio on August 1-2.

Check back on the blog for updates from the heated competition at the Top Tech Challenge and to keep up with our 2017 TMCSuperTech team, or stop into a TA Truck Service facility to see our techs in action for yourself.

How did our TA Truck Service technicians perform at this year’s state competitions? We’re breaking down the stats in this infographic.

 TA Truck Service Tech State Competitions

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