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Candy Craziness 2019 Bracket

We are looking to you to find out which candy is going to bring home the title during Candy Craziness! Candy Craziness will match up our best candies from the Chocolate, Chewy, Gummy, and Gum & Mint regions. Starting on March 11th, each week we will calculate sales of the standard-sized candies Monday through Sunday. After each week, the candy with the most units sold will advance to the next round. Results will be announced the following Tuesday.

If this was basketball, the Chocolate Region would be the Region of Death. All eight of the candies are popular heavy hitters. Butterfinger vs. Twix is a clash of Bart Simpson’s favorite and the Left and Right twins that just can’t see eye-to-eye. It’s the clash of the commercials! Hershey’s Chocolate bar vs. Snickers is a match up between an oldie but a goodie and satisfaction. We’ll see which you choose. Peanut M&Ms vs. Kinder Joy eggs puts America vs. Europe. Which round bite, on which side of the pond, will come out on top? The final matchup in the Chocolate Region puts the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup vs. the Kit Kat bar. It’s creamy peanut butter versus the crunch and snap. What will you decide?

The Chewy Region has the top chewy and sucker based candies. Airheads vs. Toostie Roll Pops is new school vs. old school. How many licks will it take to get a big head? Wonka Shockers vs. Starburst is a chew-off.  It’ll be Shockers with the sour, Starburst with the sweet. Juicy Drop Gummies vs. Starburst FaveREDs is the battle of the underrated candies. Juicy Drop Gummies allow you take chewy gummies and sour gel and mix them together however you like. FaveREDs take all of the juicy red flavors (strawberry, fruit punch, watermelon and cherry) and pack them together. Finally, Original Gourmet Lollipops vs. Skittles is the battle of the rainbow of flavors. Original Gourmet Lollipops come in so many different flavors while Skittles lets you taste the rainbow. Which color will satisfy your tastes?

The Gum & Mint Region is wide open and refreshing. Doublemint Gum vs. Tic Tac Freshmints is the one of two battles of gum versus mint in this region. Which do you think will keep it fresh the best? Extra Spearmint vs. Trident Vibes is a face off between two minty behemoths. We’ll see if you like a little extra or the vibes you’re getting. In the other gum versus mint matchup, Icebreakers vs. Tic Tac Gum put two titans in the mint industry up against each other. Just not mint to mint. We’ll see if the gum has what it takes to advance against the mint staple. Lastly in the Gum & Mint Region is Mentos Fruit vs. Extra Polar Ice. Mentos Fruit is the only non-mint challenger in the region while Extra Polar Ice is a tried and true mint gum. Let’s see if uniqueness or the status quo will advance.

Last but not least, the Gummy Region is the best chewy candies and snacks that we have. Swedish Fish vs. Sweet Tarts Ropes has the classic chew of the Swedish Fish against the punch-filled chew of a Sweet Tarts Rope. Which one do you prefer? Next, Welch’s Fruit Snacks vs. Haribo Starmix is the battle of the fruit snacks. It’s the regular fruit-flavored Welch’s versus the grab bag that can be Haribo Starmix. Sour Patch Kids vs. Sathers Orange Slices Candy is old versus new. Sathers is a classic, but recently Sour Patch Kids started causing mischief with sour and then sweet. Lastly, Haribo Goldbears vs. Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers is the gummy animal matchup. The bears are against the sour worms. What is your favorite?

At the end of the bracket, look for a coupon for the winning candy on the UltraOne Kiosk April 22 through April 26. Which do you think is going to win? Follow along on our Facebook and Twitter pages, updates on our blog, and at our sites on our digital TV boards.

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