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What You Need to Know to Avoid a Frozen Air Dryer

Truck in Winter

An air dryer may not be a DOT requirement on vehicles, but all tractors have them – and for good reason. The hot temperatures created by the air compressor coupled with the cooling of that air from the compressor to the air tank condenses to create moisture.

If a vehicle didn’t have an air dryer, the air system would be filled with water, creating a dangerous and costly condition caused by premature brake component failures. To add insult to injury, when winter hits and the temperature drops below freezing any moisture in the system freezes, potentially leaving the vehicle with an air leak, the inability to build air or a brake component that will not function properly.

Protect your vehicle before disaster strikes

To avoid this problem the air dryer must always be in top condition. This means changing the desiccant cartridge when required, ensuring the air dryer heater is operable and making absolutely certain that no alterations have been made to the air compressor discharge line which could dramatically increase the amount of moisture in the air system.

So, check the amount of water in the wet tank, which will give you an idea of how efficient the air dryer may be. Then, service the dryer properly for a trouble-free winter.

Be sure to visit our TA Truck Service facilities for more maintenance and service tips to prepare your truck for winter.

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