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A Blog by TA & Petro Stopping Centers

Need Snow Chains & Tire Socks? TA Truck Service® is Fully Stocked

The need for snow chains and tire socks fluctuates as the seasons shift and driving conditions change. Whether your routes take you through Colorado, where snow chains are legally required during certain times of the year, or various other states that have local regulations during snowstorms, snow chains and tire socks keep you prepared for any driving conditions you could encounter. Depending on where you are, or what weather conditions are predicted, it’s best to have equipment at the ready to increase traction. [More]

Get Your 3-Axle Alignment for Safety & Longevity

Need your tri-axle vehicle aligned? TA Truck Service® is the right place to go. A 3-axle alignment can reduce tire and component wear, help you spot problems early, improve handling, boost fuel efficiency, minimize rolling resistance, and decrease driver fatigue. And to commemorate fifty years of service, we’re offering $50 off a 3-axle alignment for the entire month of September. [More]
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