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5 Truck Parking Meetings, 1 Truck Parking App

truck parking

In 2016, I spent a lot of time traveling the country to talk about truck parking.

The Federal Highway Administration hosted a series of regional truck parking stakeholder meetings with a goal of collecting ideas and best practices on how to expand truck parking nationwide. These meetings were a priority for NATSO and its team, which represents an industry providing 90 percent of the overnight truck parking in the United States.


Band Together to Make a Difference

Life can be unpredictable. No matter how prepared you are, sometimes things happen that are out of your control, and it’s times like these that make the St. Christopher Fund so necessary.

The St. Christopher Truckers Development and Relief Fund (SCF) is a charity that helps semi-truck drivers and their families who have financial needs due to current medical problems. For 1,934 truckers to date, SCF has been indispensable and the support they needed to make it through a difficult time.


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