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Tips for Avoiding Brake Related Out-of-Service Violations

The CVSA will hold its annual International Roadcheck from May 4-6, the third major inspection blitz since the pandemic postponed last year’s Roadcheck from May to September. While this year’s special emphasis will be on lights and hours of service, the results don’t change a lot from year to year. Brush up on the most common out-of-service (OOS) violations and learn how TA Truck Service can help you prepare to hit the road inspection ready.


How to Maintain Your Commercial Truck Batteries

Did you know that electrical systems are one of the most common causes of winter breakdowns? Truck electrical systems today have become highly advanced, and the battery plays a vital role in providing them with a stable power supply. Electrical system failures can be shocking, but proactively checking and testing your truck’s electrical system—especially during the dark, cold winter months—will greatly reduce the chance of an electrical emergency.


A Complete Checklist to Help Prevent Diesel Fuel Gelling

The transition to winter driving can wreak havoc on diesel fuel. When temperatures drop, the paraffin wax molecules in ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel will thicken and form into larger clumps, clogging filters, restricting fuel flow and causing the Cold Filter Plug Point (CFPP). Protect your equipment with winterized diesel offered at participating TA, Petro and TA Express fuel islands network-wide* and our diesel fuel winterization checklist below.


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