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Snow Chains for Professional Truck Drivers

Drive snow chain compliant on your winter routes. 

For professional drivers, deciding when to chain up can get confusing. Between Sept. 1 and May 31 almost every state has some type of chain regulations, and those regulations are almost all different. But one thing remains consistent, no matter where your routes take you, failure to abide by that state’s chain regulations can mean fines from $50 to $500. Some of those regulations mandate you carry chains, even if you don’t plan on using them.

Drive prepared this winter, with all of the snow chains and accessories you need from TA Truck Service. From Lo Pros and 11Rs to Super Single, Wide Base and more, we carry a wide selection of chains in pairs and dual sets. We even stock the equipment you need to put your chains on your rig, plus cross-link replacements and chain pliers to make repairs.

In addition to snow chains and other accessories, you can also find EasySox by Quality Chain Corp at over 60 TA Truck Service locations. EasySox, recognized as a traction control device by the DOT (exceeding the ÖNORM V5119, V5121 International Standards) and all state highway patrol units*, are slip-on fabric tire socks that provide traction on snow and ice in emergency situations. This alternative is lightweight, has a simple slip on installation process and can be applied to vehicles with extremely low clearance. EasySox tire socks also cause less vehicle and road damage than studded tires and traditional chains.

Get everything you need to drive in compliance in one simple stop to select TA Truck Service locations.

*DOT mandates that tire socks must be in good repair and without holes or signs of deterioration.

See our full selection of snow chains and accessories at the following TA Truck Service locations:

  • TA Eloy, AZ
    TA Kingman, AZ
    TA Tonopah, AZ
    TA Willcox, AZ
    TA Holbrook, AZ
    TA Corning, CA
    TA Coachella, CA
    TA Redding, CA
    TA Buttonwillow, CA
    TA Santa Nella, CA
    TA Livingston, CA
    TA Barstow, CA
    TA Commerce City, CO
    TA Wheat Ridge, CO
    TA Limon, CO
    TA Brooklyn, IA
    TA Boise, ID
    TA Troy, IL
    TA Morris, IL
    TA Beto Junction, KS
    TA Concordia, MO
    TA Oak Grove, MO
    TA Foristell, MO
    TA Missoula, MT
    TA Ogallala, NE
    TA Grand Island, NE
    TA Gallup, NM
    TA Santa Rosa, NM
    TA Albuquerque, NM
    TA Moriarty, NM
    TA Las Vegas, NV
    TA Sparks, NV
    TA Mill City, NV
  • TA Oklahoma City East, OK
  • TA Oklahoma City West, OK
    TA Sayre, OK
    TA Aurora, OR
    TA Troutdale, OR
    TA Amarillo, TX
    TA Big Spring, TX
    TA Tooele, UT
    TA Parowan, UT
    TA Seattle East, WA
    TA Cheyenne, WY
    TA Ft. Bridger, WY
    TA Rawlins, WY
    Petro West Memphis, AR
  • Petro Eloy, AZ
    Petro Kingman, AZ
    Petro Corning, CA
    Petro Wheeler Ridge, CA
    Petro Santa Nella, CA
    Petro Monee, IL
    Petro Salina, KS
    Petro Kingdom City, MO
    Petro York, NE
    Petro Milan, NM
    Petro Deming, NM
    Petro North Las Vegas, NV
    Petro Sparks, NV
    Petro Wells, NV
    Petro Oklahoma City, OK
    Petro Phoenix, OR
    Petro El Paso, TX
    Petro Amarillo, TX
    Petro Vinton, TX
    Petro Spokane, WA
    Petro Laramie, WY
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