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Roadmaster Promo

Roadmaster Tires are now available for less than $300 per tire.

Need new tires? Whether you're purchasing steer, drive or trailer tires, it's the perfect time to take advantage of the TA Truck Service Commercial Tire Network's affordable selection of Roadmaster Tires engineered by Cooper Tire.

Roadmaster Tires are engineered in North America by Cooper Tire with maximized performance and increased durability in mind. With a high tensile strength four-belt construction, they are designed to be retreadable, and to produce even treadwear and increased fuel efficiency. These tires also feature a cool running tread compound designed to minimize rolling resistance while maximizing fuel efficiency. And of course, Roadmaster Tires are Smartway verified for low rolling resistance.

For just $299 per tire for drives and $289 per tire for steer or trailer, you can enjoy these benefits of Roadmaster Tires, and the benefits of our Commercial Tire Network including pick-up and installation by a highly skilled technician at one of our 243 locations nationwide, installation road side through TA Truck Service RoadSquad road side assistance or delivery anywhere in the country.

Find out more about Commercial Tire Network pricing, or find a TA Truck Service facility near you.

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