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Get any Dayton tire (all positions) for only $299 per tire

Whether you’re roadside or in-bay, we’ve got the right deal, no matter which direction you’re headed. Get any Dayton tire (all positions) for only $299 per tire through Aug. 31.

The highest number of roadside breakdowns occurs during the summer months, and tire replacements are the number one roadside repair request. Highway surface temperatures can reach over 150 degrees, and that combined with a tire that's already running hot can be a recipe for disaster. The key to long tire life is catching any problems early on, and our Commercial Tire Network is here to help you all summer long.

Our experts can offer advice on which tires will maximize your truck's performance, plus give you tips for maintenance and care once you've found the perfect set. Give our customer service line a call at 800-311-1092 to talk to one of our tire experts seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Find a location near you to get this deal that will keep you on the road for less.

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