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Current Preventive Maintenance & Oil Change Promotions

Check back regularly for new preventive maintenance & truck oil change promotions.

Oil Change with Coolant Service

Bundle ANY Oil Change and Coolant Service & Save $30!

Every driver wants increased fuel economy, lower overall operating costs and extended service intervals, but do you know how to get it? TA Truck Service has the answer with our comprehensive preventive maintenance program.

And this September only, you’ll also save $30 on your work order when you purchase any oil change and coolant maintenance service.

Are you between oil change intervals? You can still take home a limited edition TA Truck Service and Mobil Delvac reflective vest when you purchase a coolant conversion.

Coolant chemistry is more complicated than many drivers realize. Different engines come with their own respective coolants, and using the incorrect product can cause confusion and damage down the line. Coolant standards have changed significantly in the past five years, and dye colors don’t mean what they once did.

Not sure how to deal with coolant confusion? We can help. TA Truck Service technicians can get your rig the products it needs and get you back on the road quickly and safely. Our facilities proudly stock Mobil Delvac coolant products, including cost-saving Mobil Delvac Extended Life Coolant OTA (ELC), which offers eight percent better heat transfer than SCA technology and is optimal for high-temperature applications like engines with EGR and SCR systems.

Whether you’re on or off the highway, eliminate supplemental coolant additives like SCAs and chemically charged filters to eliminate the cost of up to 40 recharges over one million miles, reduce the risks of improper coolant maintenance, simplify your maintenance schedules all while providing outstanding protection against cavitation and corrosion and improving water pump seal life.

So, let TA Truck Service simplify your maintenance while you save. Take advantage of this limited time $30 off offer when you purchase any oil change and coolant service or get your free limited edition Delvac and TA Truck Service reflective vest and learn more about our complete selection of preventive maintenance services and oil change packages available at TA Truck Service facilities.




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