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Ta Petro

Electronic Solutions for Commercial Fleets

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  1. Ability to authorize work orders and purchase orders ONLINE.
  2. Receive detailed cost estimates before work is completed.
  3. Store all PM/DOT records on secure server.
  4. Submit Breakdowns ONLINE to reduce wait times at the shop.
  5. Access and download records to your breakdown system and more!
  6. All TA Truck Service Locations can take pictures of the repair and they can be viewed and stored on our secured server.

Please ask your TA and Petro Sales Representative for more information about eShop or call 800-987-8617 and select option 4.

eShop eforms

All TA and Petro’s now offer eShop eforms. If your Truck or Trailer needs a DOT or PM service we can help you track your history on all the items that are being looked at on a inspection. We offer electronic forms on:

  1. All PM Services- From Ultimate PM’s to Rapid PM’s
  2. Federal DOT Inspections
  3. Mid-Trip Inspections
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