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R Place Premium Ethyl Burger Challenge

The Premium Ethyl Burger was created in 1987. R-Place wanted to offer the ultimate challenge for burger lovers. Ethyl got her name from the gasoline standard oil sold many years ago, Premium and Ethyl. She became the Premium Ethyl Special. She is 2 LBS of fresh hamburger, a 1 LB hamburger bun and 1 LB of fixins. Many people have tried, some survive, but most have died. Don't be discouraged because 1 in 10 survive. The record was from a man who ate it in 7 minutes. A young girl that was 13 ate it in 55 minutes. If you're not up for the challenge, you can bring in your family and share it. We also take pictures to capture the event.

Burger Challenge

Ethyl Rules

• The burger must be eaten within one hour.

• The challenger may not leave the table during the one-hour period.

• If any friend, enemy, etc. helps to eat one little morsel, the challenger is disqualified.

• The “Ethyl” consists of bun, burger, cheese and two of the following topping: lettuce, tomato, pickles or onion.

• This is a fun, personal, one-on-one challenge – You versus Ethyl.

• We respect your honesty and integrity in attempting to eat Harry's #4 Premium Ethyl Burger.

Enjoy the challenge of the Premium Ethyl!


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