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Chicken-Fried Steak Day - October 26th

Iron Skillet Chicken-Fried Steak Day

We'll be celebrating National Chicken-Fried Steak Day at participating Iron Skillet Restaurants on Saturday, October 26th! Enjoy a Chicken-Fried Steak Breakfast or a Chicken-Fried Steak Dinner for only $6.99. Our famous hand-cut chicken-fried steak is deep fried to a golden brown and smothered with cream gravy. Breakfast, lunch or dinner -- 6am-10pm!

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We're located inside Petro Travel Centers!

Iron Skillet Restaurant Locations - Location, Address, Highway, City, State, located inside Petro Travel Centers
  Location  Address  Highway  City  State
Petro Bucksville 22526 Highway 216 I-20/I-59, Exit 100 (Hwy 216) Mc Calla AL
Petro W. Memphis Jerry Fritts Jr. West Memphis Stopping Center I-40, Exit 280/I-55, Exit 4 West Memphis AR
Petro N. Little Rock Idella M. Hansen N. Little Rock Stopping Center I-40, Exit 161 North Little Rock AR
Petro Eloy 5235 North Sunland Gin Road I-10, Exit 200 (Sunland Gin Rd.) Eloy AZ
Petro Kingman 970 South Blake Ranch Road I-40, Exit 66 (Blake Ranch Rd.) Kingman AZ
Petro Ontario Shawn Hubbard Ontario Stopping Center I-10, Exit 57 (Milliken Ave.) Ontario CA
Petro Corning 2151 South Avenue I-5, Exit 630 (South Ave.) Corning CA
Petro Wheeler Ridge 5821 Dennis McCarthy Dr. I-5, Exit 219A/219B (Laval Road W.) Lebec CA
Petro Ocala 7401 West Hwy 318 I-75, Exit 368 (Hwy 318) Reddick FL
Petro Atlanta 3181 Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway I-285, Exit 12 (Donald Lee Hollowell Hwy.) Atlanta GA
Petro Carnesville 10200 Old Federal Rd. I-85, Exit 160 Carnesville GA
Petro Effingham 1805 West Fayette Ave I-70/I-57, Exit 159 (W. Fayette Ave.) Effingham IL
Petro Monee 5915 Monee Rd. I-57, Exit 335 Monee IL
Petro Wilmington 24225 West Lorenzo Road I-55, Exit 240 Wilmington IL
Petro Angola 7265 North Baker Road I-69, Exit 157/357 (Lake George Rd.) Fremont IN
Petro Gary 3001 Grant Street I-80/I-94, Exit 9 Gary IN
Petro Brazil 1035 W. State Road 42 I-70, Exit 23 Brazil IN
Petro Greensburg 1409 S. Country Road #850 East I-74, Exit 143 Greensburg IN
Petro Gaston 14000 W. 28 State Road I-69, Exit 245 Gaston IN
Petro Remington 4230 W. Highway 24 I-65, Exit 201 (Hwy. 24) Remington IN
Petro Salina 2125 North 9th Street I-70, Exit 252 Salina KS
Petro Glendale 554 W. Glendale Hodgenville Road I-65, Exit 86 Glendale KY
Petro Shreveport 6910 W. Bert Kouns/Industrial Loop I-20, Exit 8 (Industrial Loop) Shreveport LA
Petro Hammond 2100 S.W. Railroad Avenue I-12, Exit 40 (Hwy. 51) Hammond LA
Petro Kingdom City 3304 Gold Road I-70, Exit 148 (Hwy. 54) Kingdom City MO
Petro Jackson 970 I-20 W. Frontage Road I-20/I-55, Exit 45 (Estbnd); 45A (Wstbnd) (W. Frontage Rd.) Jackson MS
Petro Mebane 500 Buckhorn Road I-40/I-85, Exit 157 Mebane NC
Petro York Charley Endorf York Stopping Center I-80, Exit 353 York NE
Petro Bordentown 402 Rising Sun Square Road I-295, Exit 56(Nthbnd); 52(Sthbnd)/NJ Trnpk., Exit 7 Bordentown NJ
Petro Milan 1430 Motel Drive I-40, Exit 79 (Horizon Blvd.) Milan NM
Petro Deming 14150 Hwy 418 SW I-10, Exit 68 Deming NM
Petro North Las Vegas Linda & Bob Caffee N. Las Vegas Stopping Center I-15, Exit 54 (Speedway Blvd.) Las Vegas NV
Petro Sparks 1950 East Greg St. I-80, Exit 21 Sparks NV
Petro Waterloo 1255 Route 414 I-90, Exit 41 Waterloo NY
Petro Perrysburg 26416 Baker Rd. I-80, Exit 71/I-280, Exit 1B Perrysburg OH
Petro Girard 1 Petro Place I-80, Exit 226 (Salt Spring Rd.) Girard OH
Petro North Baltimore 12906 Deshler Rd. I-75, Exit 167 North Baltimore OH
Petro New Paris 9787 US Route 40 West I-70, Exit 156B (US 40) New Paris OH
Petro Oklahoma City Ingrid R. Brown Oklahoma City Stopping Center I-40E / I-35, Exit 127/I-40W, Exit 154 Oklahoma City OK
Petro Phoenix 3730 Fern Valley Rd. I-5, Exit 24 Phoenix OR
Petro Carlisle 1201 Harrisburg Ave, Route 11 I-81, Exit 52/I-76, Exit 226 Carlisle PA
Petro Scranton 98 Grove St. I-81, Exit 178B DuPont PA
Petro Florence 3001 TV Road I-95, Exit 169 Florence SC
Petro Knoxville 722 N. Watt Rd. I-40/I-75, Exit 369 (Watt Road) Knoxville TN
Petro Kingston Springs 162 Luyben Hills Road I-40, Exit 188 (Luyben Hills Rd.) Kingston Springs TN
Petro El Paso 1295 Horizon Blvd. I-10, Exit 37 (Horizon Blvd.) El Paso TX
Petro Weatherford 2001 Santa Fe Drive I-20, Exit 409 (Clear Lake Rd.) Weatherford TX
Petro San Antonio Micheal Sheeds San Antonio Stopping Center I-10, Exit 581 (Ackerman Rd.) San Antonio TX
Petro Amarillo Evan "Buddy" Haston Amarillo Stopping Center E I-40, Exit 75 (Lakeside Dr.) Amarillo TX
Petro Carl's Corner Bill Ater Jr. Carl's Corner Stopping Center I-35E, Exit 374 (North Side) Hillsboro TX
Petro Spokane 10506 West Aero Road I-90, Exit 272 Spokane WA
Petro Portage North 5800 Kinney Road I-90/I-94/I-39, Exit 108A (Hwy. 78 S.) Portage WI
Petro Laramie 1855 West Curtis I-80, Exit 310 (Curtis) Laramie WY
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