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Eat Healthy On The Road

Our Collaboration with Cleveland Clinic

TravelCenters of America is collaborating with Cleveland Clinic to provide meal options that support optimal health, and help you feel your best. 

Cleveland Clinic recognizes the power of nutritious food in supporting optimal health. Identifying those foods that help you feel your best can be a challenge, but we want to help make those choices easier.

Using Cleveland Clinic’s expertise along with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020-2025, this criteria is based on a thorough scientific review of current nutrition science data. The criteria below applies nutrition science to guidelines that can serve as a guide for your healthy meal options:

  • Added Sugars:  Less than 23 grams for adults and less than 17 grams for children
  • Saturated Fats:  Less than 11 grams for adults and less than 7 grams for children
  • Sodium:  Less than 765 grams for adults and children

This symbol will be used on Country Pride and Iron Skillet menus to reflect healthy options recommended by Cleveland Clinic.


Breakfast, lunch or dinner, you’ll be able to enjoy healthy menu options at Country Pride and Iron Skillet restaurants.

For breakfast, enjoy an egg white veggie omelet which is loaded with fresh veggies and served with fresh fruit and toast.

If you’re stopping by during lunch, a healthy option is grilled chicken on a lettuce bun, served with fresh vegetable medley.

Dinner healthy choices include blackened salmon or whitefish, served with rice pilaf or your favorite sides.  Many of our sides are healthy choices: baked potato, rice pilaf, buffalo cauliflower, sliced tomatoes and more.

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