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Truck Parking

Reserve-It Parking Reservation Smartphone App 

Reserve-It!® Parking

With the Hours of Service regulations, drivers told us that they lose money because they are looking for a truck parking space when they could be driving.

We listened and with the help of drivers we developed the Reserve-It!® Parking Program. With Reserve-It Parking, you can worry less about where to park and drive longer by simply reserving a parking space in advance.

You can reserve a parking space through the TA & Petro Stopping Centers TruckSmart mobile app. It’s easy! Simply download the FREE TruckSmart app, set up your UltraONE account information if you are a member, then click on the Reserve-It! menu to start your reservation!

(Not an UltraONE member? Sign up here for free! Or use Reserve-It on the app as a guest and skip the UltraONE account login.)

With Reserve-It! on the TruckSmart app:

- Reserve a truck parking space up to 30 days in advance.        
- Reserve a truck parking space for multiple days at the same location in one transaction       
- Reserve for wide-load trucks.       
- Pay for Reserve-It through the app with secure credit card processing and store your credit card information for future reservations.        
- Receive an email receipt to confirm your reservation.         
- Then, simply park on arrival!

You can check into your reserved truck parking space as early as 4 p.m. Check out is no later than 3 p.m on the day of departure. Reserve-It! Parking fees are not refundable.

You can still reserve and pay for Reserve-It! parking at the fuel desk at participating TA and Petro locations.

For help, refer to these Frequently Asked Questions. For further information, call 855-VIP PARK.


Preferred Parking

Preferred Parking is a way to help you, our valued customer, have a place to park at no cost.

At Preferred Parking sites, you will receive 24 hours of FREE truck parking for every 50 gallons of fuel purchased, up to a maximum of 72 hours of parking (3 days), at a single location.

Additionally, you receive up to 24 hours of FREE parking when you spend a minimum of $20 in the store, restaurant or service area at the Preferred Parking location.

Without a minimum purchase, the first two hours of parking are free; thereafter, there is a daily parking fee.

Receipts for diesel purchases of 50 gallons or more made at other TA and Petro locations are valid to waive the Preferred Parking fee for one (1) period of up to 24 hours at a Preferred Parking location. The receipt must be dated the day before or the day of the driver's departure from the Preferred Parking site. Drivers are entitled to only one free 24 parking period, even with the purchase of 100 gallons or more of diesel from a different site. Receipts for non-fuel purchases from other TA and Petro locations are not valid to waive the parking fee.

UltraONE Platinum Members receive 24 hours of FREE parking per month at participating Preferred Parking sites. Certificates can be printed at the kiosk.

Preferred Parking can be found at these locations:

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