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Ta Petro

Drivers Preferred Parking

trucks using preferred Parking at ta petro

Preferred Parking is a way to help you, our valued guest, have a place to park at no cost.

At Preferred Parking sites, you will receive 24 hours of FREE truck parking for every 60 gallons of fuel purchased, up to a maximum of 72 hours of parking (3 days), at a single location.

Additionally, you receive up to 24 hours of FREE parking when you spend a minimum of $25 in the store, restaurant or service area at the Preferred Parking location.

Without a minimum purchase, the first two hours of parking are free; thereafter, there is a daily parking fee.

Receipts for diesel purchases of 60 gallons or more made at other TA and Petro locations are valid to waive the Preferred Parking fee for one (1) period of up to 24 hours at a Preferred Parking location. The receipt must be dated the day before or the day of the driver's departure from the Preferred Parking site. Drivers are entitled to only one free 24-hour parking period, even with the purchase of 120 gallons or more of diesel from a different site. Receipts for non-fuel purchases from other TA and Petro locations are not valid to waive the parking fee. Additionally, UltraCredits are not redeemable for Preferred Parking.

Preferred Parking can be found at these locations:

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