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Ta Petro

Charleys Philly Steak® - Locations Near You

Work Lunch or Upcoming Party? We Got Your Cheesesteak Fix & Then Some.


Charleys® has catering packages that make it easy for you to feed a group of hungry people.  Your group will enjoy a variety of steak, chicken and veggie cheesesteak sandwiches.  Enjoy a tray of your favorite cheesesteaks or put together boxed lunches with one of your favorites. 

The original.  The classic.  Charleys steak philly cheesesteak is made with high-quality USDA choice steak, grilled and seasoned and topped with grilled peppers, mushrooms and onions plus melted provolone cheese.  Hungry co-workers, family and friends can enjoy one of their favorite cheesesteaks, fries and real-fruit lemonades.  Enjoy Charleys classic cheesestakes at your office, your house or your favorite gathering place. 


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We're Serving Charleys Philly Steaks ® Near You:

TA Seymour

Seymour, Indiana

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TA Morris

Morris, Illinois

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TA Wheeler Ridge

Wheeler Ridge, California

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Petro Shorter

Shorter, Alabama

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Petro Wilmington

Wilmington, Illinois

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