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For Suppliers

This section of the TravelCenters of America web site is provided for the benefit of suppliers who have a product or service to present to TA and Petro Stopping Centers and also for current suppliers who will be shipping their product into the TA and Petro Open Road Distributing (ORD) distribution centers.

TravelCenters of America distributes resale and non-resale items, including food, to its facilities in the following ways:

  • Through its Open Road Distributing (ORD) distribution centers located in Nashville, Tennessee and Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Direct shipment from supplier or distributor via UPS, RPS, common carrier or other package delivery service
  • Via distributor’s delivery network.

If your resale or non-resale items are selected for use in TA and Petro facilities, one of our project managers or procurement managers will work with your shipping manager to determine the most effective and efficient method to deliver to TA and Petro locations.

Becoming a Supplier

How to become a supplier to TravelCenters of America
Thank you for your interest in becoming a supplier to TravelCenters of America, the nation's largest full service travel center network. Due to the large number of requests that we receive, we have established a system to help make the process easier and more efficient for all parties involved.

Suppliers who wish to initiate a business relationship with TA/Petro must complete each of the steps below. Unsolicited, non-conforming samples or proposals may not be reviewed or returned.

After we receive your completed proposal packet, we will respond to your proposal within 90 days. Incomplete proposal packets will be discarded or, at TravelCenters of America's discretion, returned at supplier's expense. All materials submitted, including samples, become property of TravelCenters of America.

Supplier Guidelines

TravelCenters of America has two distribution facilities. Open Road Distributing (ORD) East is located outside Nashville in LaVergne, Tennessee, and Open Road Distributing (ORD) West is located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Suppliers of perishable products will have alternative distribution methods designated by TravelCenters of America that may have requirements that differ from these Supplier Guidelines. However, please follow these guidelines as they apply to your product and or service. Address your questions about TravelCenters of America's ORD East and West distribution centers by calling the Receiving Supervisor at each location:

  • ORD East: (615) 213-8213
  • ORD West: (480) 636-3948

Why have Supplier Guidelines?

TravelCenters of America has Supplier Guidelines to ensure that:

  • -All suppliers are treated fairly
  • -Total supply-chain cost is optimized
  • -The consumer, our customer and ultimately yours, can receive high quality products when and where they are required
  • -There is a pervasive commitment to continuous improvement as measured against cost, quality, service levels and delivery performance of our suppliers

Hours of Receiving

  • ORD East: 6 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. CT
  • ORD West: 6 a.m. - 2 p.m. MT 

Transportation, Shipping & Packaging

Ground rules:

  1. Combine all PO's and shipments made on the same day.
  2. Supplier pays all origin accessorial charges.
  3. All freight in excess of 20 cases is to be palletized unless prior approval is received.
  4. Carriers sign for shipments as they get them (pallet vs. cases).
  5. All shipments must reference TA's P.O. number on all shipping documents.
  6. All packing lists must be attached and labeled on the outside of the carton.
  7. Appointments are required for all deliveries with trucks containing 10 pallets or more. For a delivery appointment, contact the Receiving Supervisor at ORD East at (615) 213-8213, or ORD West at (480) 636-3948. Deliveries - dock times must be met within 30 minutes of scheduled time. If arrival time is over 30 minutes late, the load will be handled as a "work it in" situation. If late, the load may be required to "lay over" until the next business day.
  8. TravelCenters of America does not pay any handling fees.
  9. All shipments in pallet quantities must be shrink wrapped on pallets.
  10. Pallets must be marked with the number of cartons and P.O. number with a minimum font size of one inch on the outside of the pallet.
  11. Pallets must be standard size of 40-inches x 48-inches, four way wood pallets, non-returnable, "no charge" pallets. Do not use "CHEP" or disposable pallets.
  12. Merchandising in truckloads must be on pallets, not floor loaded.
  13. Same item master shipping cartons must be of the same size, so they can be stacked on top of each other. The carton must be strong enough to support several of the same size cartons.
  14. All inner cartons and master shipping cartons must contain the exact quantity as stated in your price list or catalog or as quoted in writing. Quantities cannot change from shipment to shipment.
  15. UPS-type shipments may be shipped to TravelCenters of America's ORD East or West distribution facilities or locations up to the total number of cartons that would fit on a standard pallet. More than a pallet's worth of merchandise must be shipped LTL. (Less than Truck Load)
  16. All shipping cartons must have written descriptions and quantities of the items(s) in the carton, along with vendor's manufacturer part number, purchase pack and selling pack.
  17. All master shipping cartons, inner cartons and retail selling packs/units need to have their own unique UPC/Bar code. The unique UPC/Bar Code on the retail selling pack/unit has to have a UPC number, under the Bar Code.
  18. All INDIVIDUAL ITEMS, retail selling pack, will be required to have a UPC BAR CODE along with that UPC number under each bar code.
  19. Any of the following bar codes formats are acceptable: UPCA, UPCE, CODE 39, CODABAR, EAN8, EAN13, CODE 128, MSI, CODE93, CODE D25, CODE 125, CODE11, UPS E1, AND SUPPS.
  20. All truckload shipments must be arranged by re-buyer. Contact Linda Leaver at (615) 213-8201 or Carol Sargent at (615) 213-8202.
  21. Be certain to comply with shipping instructions and bar coding regulations to avoid charge backs or delay in payments.
  22. There are no exceptions to any of the above rules without prior approval from Open Road Distributing (ORD) East or West.
  23. These are TravelCenters of America's shipping requirements for all shipments made to the Open Road Distributing (ORD) East or West distribution facilities, or direct to TA/Petro locations. If TravelCenters of America receives merchandise that does not comply with these requirements, the merchandise may be refused, returned freight collect, or the vendor may be "Charged Back" for labor and handling cost to bring the merchandise to comply with TravelCenters of America's requirements. This may also cause delay in payment.

Shipments to ORD East or West, where TA pays the freight:

  1. 0-250 lb. ship FedEx Ground prepaid and bill actual cost (including all allowances and discounts).
  2. For shipments over 250 lbs., call Linda Leaver at (615) 213-8201 or Carol Sargent at (615) 213-8202 for routing instructions.

Shipments, where the Supplier pays the freight:

TravelCenters of America prefers for Suppliers to use our carriers. In general, this will result in fewer charge backs.

  1. 0-250 lb. ship FedEx Ground prepaid.
  2. 2. LTL shipments should be made with an approved LTL carrier. These include:
    • ABF
    • Yellow Freight

Supplier report card and charge backs

Meeting the targets described below results in a more efficient operation for TravelCenters of America, which directly relates to the value that you bring as a supplier. Therefore, to the extent that these metrics are under your control, you are asked to meet the targets or agree to the resultant action by TravelCenters of America.


For all products shipped into ORD East in LaVergne, Tennessee, send all invoices to:

Accounts Payable
TravelCenters of America ORD East 
329 Mason Rd.
LaVergne, TN 37086-3513

For all products shipped into ORD West in Phoenix, Arizona, send all invoices to:

Accounts Payable
TravelCenters of America ORD West 
4302 W. Buckeye Rd., Ste. 115 
Phoenix, AZ 85043

To promote prompt payment be sure to comply with the following guidelines:

  1. One invoice per PO with the exception of special pricing or terms
  2. Make certain that the address is correct on the invoice.
  3. Communicate all PO discrepancies BEFORE shipment of goods:
    • Cost Terms
    • Case pack
    • Ship-from location
  4. Include all of the following data on the invoice:
    • Supplier name and address
    • Supplier remittance address
    • PO number
    • Target ship-to location
    • Supplier account or order number
    • Item number manufacturer's and/or TravelCenters of America's PLU (SKU) number
    • Case pack (by item)
    • Total carton count
    • Total each (by item)
    • Freight terms/allowances
  5. Be certain to comply with shipping instructions, FedEx Ground and bar code regulations to avoid charge backs or delays in payment.

Floor Loaded Freight Deliveries to ORD East or West

Effective July 1, 2011

All over-seas “containers” or “floor loaded” trailers must call for a delivery appointment at least 48 hour prior to their desired delivery date. Call ORD East or West at the numbers below:

  • ORD East: (615) 213-8213
  • ORD West: (480) 636-3948

The following is a schedule of late fees that will be assessed should the delivery not be received on schedule:

Late arrival to ORD East or West

  1. 30 minutes “grace period” - no fee charged
  2. 31 to 60 minutes late - $100 fee
  3. Each additional hour - $100 per hour

Cancelled Appointments 

  1. Appointment cancelled prior to 1:30 p.m. the day before the scheduled delivery will not be charged a fee
  2. Appointments cancelled after 1:30 p.m. the day before the scheduled delivery will be charged a $300 fee.

Fee Collections 

  1. All fees are the responsibility of the supplying vendor.
  2. All fees will be deducted from the invoice.

Supplier Questionnaires

You may download these questionnaires using Adobe Portable Document Format using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Please select the questionnaire that applies to your product or service:

Non-resale Product or Service

Re-sale Product

Restaurant Supplies

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