Revive your drive at TA/Petro Travel Stores

Revive Your Drive!

TA and Petro Stopping Centers Travel Stores offer convenient, one-stop shopping with prices as low as or lower than our competition. We carry a wide selection of name-brand products and are stocked with Grab ‘N Go foods, groceries and snacks, plus electronics, maintenance supplies, and even clothing and gifts!

Our Travel Stores add even more value with Monthly Store Specials.

Monthly Travel Store Specials

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Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer and Cream Soda

Root Beer, Cream Soda 12 Pack


Gilliam Old Fashioned Drops and Sticks

Gilliam Old Fashioned Drops and Sticks


Pearson's Assorted Candy

Pearson's Assorted Candy


MTN Dew Dewshine

MTN Dew Dewshine 12 oz.


Necco Assorted Candy

Necco Wafers 2.02 oz., Mary Jane 5 Piece Bar, Sky Bar, Clark Bar King Size


This is an image of a can of Red Bull

Moon Pie Double Decker Single Serve

Chocolate, Vanilla, Banana