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Ta Petro

Truck Wheel Alignments

Wheel Alignment Services Available Nationwide

What a wheel alignment can do for you.

The TA Truck Service network is ready to be your alignment experts. We offer a complete inventory of parts on hand and quality technicians ready to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Available at 177 TA Truck Service locations.

Alignment Services Offered:

Service Price
2-Axle Alignment (AA2X) $143.99*
3-Axle Alignment (AA3Z) $215.99*
Alighment Check, No Adjustment (AACK) $81.99*
Center Steering Wheel (AASW) $47.99*
Steer Axle Alignment, Toe Only (AATO) $117.99*
Trailer Alignment (AATR) $117.99*
* Prices subject to change without notice. Labor only unless otherwise stated.

Alignment Locations

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