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Truck Repair & Maintenance

Technician inspecting tires

Tire Casing Credits

A casing credit will be available to any customer on LP22.5, LP24.5, 1R22.5, or 11R24.5 size tires when casings meet the “A” grade or “B” grade casing criteria outlined below.

  • All casings will be graded by trained TA Truck Service personnel
  • All credits will appear on the work order

Casing Criteria for “A” and “B” Grade Casings

Grade “A” Criteria

  • Bridgestone, Firestone, Michelin, Goodyear
  • 48 Month DOT Age or Less
  • No Retreads
  • Maximum 2 Existing/Required Repairs – “T-T” Area Only

Grade “B” Criteria

  • Bridgestone, Firestone, Michelin, Goodyear
  • BFGoodrich, Continental, Dayton, Dunlop
  • General. Kelly, Sumitomo, Toyo, Yokohama
  • 84 Month DOT Age or Less
  • Maximum 3 Existing/Required Repairs – “T-T” Area Only
  • Once Retreaded Casings

Additional “A” & “B” Casing Criteria

  • No existing/required sidewall section repairs
  • Minimal sidewall cuts, abrasions and weather cracking
  • No existing/required S-T or S-S repairs (3/8" Maximum Repairs in “T-T” Area Only)
  • No injuries larger than 3/8" after prepared for repair (“T-T” Area Only)
  • No painted sidewall lettering
  • Minor shadowed or exposed belt edge steel in tread
  • Minor bead cuts – NO EXPOSED STEEL

Additional Non-Acceptable Casings

  • Goodyear Wingfoot APR – All Sizes
  • Goodyear DURASEAL – All Sizes
  • BFG TR134 – All Sizes
  • Dunlop SP181 – 11R22.5 & 11R24.5
  • Dunlop SP160 – 11R22.5 & 11R24.5
  • Firestone FS507 – 11R22.5 & 11R24.5
  • Firestone FT455/FT455PLUS – 11R22.5 & 11R24.5
  • Bridgestone R196 – 11R22.5 & 11R24.5
  • Bridgestone R194 – 11R22.5 & 11R24.5
  • All Mold Cured Retreaded Casings
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