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Truck Repair & Maintenance

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Tire Maintenance

Cut your costs.

Service Price**
Check & Air Tractor Tires $28.99
Check & Air Trailer Tires
Balance One Tire
Tire Rotation Per Wheel (On/Off Vehicle)
Repair Spare Tire (Not Installed)
Tire Repair (Outside Wheel)
Tire Repair (Inside Wheel)
Mount Tire (Outside Wheel)
Mount Tire (Inside Wheel)
 Spare Mount (Inside and Outside)  $35.99*
* Plus material; ** Prices subject to change without notice. Labor only unless otherwise stated.

technician changing a tire

TIA Certified Technicians

More than 1,500 service technicians participate in formal training sessions including the Tire Industry of America certified tire training program.

The training covers basic safety training on every aspect of the tire and wheel assembly being serviced.

The course teaches technicians how to recognize key failure points and the proper procedures to follow to help prevent tire and wheel failures.

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